Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Big FAT February with Candles By Victoria!

I'm thinking, at the rate I am going, you will all...well, my few faithful followers...will see me on an episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive. Honestly, I probably wouldn't mind being buried in wonderfully scented wax, as long as it's wax from Candles By Victoria. What can I say, I am a girl with standards.

Of all my senses, my nose and my sense of smell takes me back in time. I can remember products my parents used to bath me, the smell of my Grand Pop's pipe tobacco, the smell of my Nana's basement. Smells=Comfort. Smells also remind me of danger. The smell of smoke, and fire remind me of a scary occurrence in my parent's house when I was 6. Our dryer caused a fire in our basement and I remember Mom waking my brother and I to get out of our home. Thankfully, my Dad managed the fire and little was damaged. Point is, smells can take us back in time and most often can be soothing or comforting. This may sound strange, but my nose chooses many of the products I have used and still is my king of senses. Already loving candles, when I found YouTube videos of people praising a candle company, I simply HAD to jump on board and try these colorful jars of wax.

So here we are, February, and my wax collection is HUGE. So far this month, I have place 4 or 5 orders. I am unsure of how many candles I actually do own, but I can say that I have tried well over 100 scents from Candles By Victoria. Victoria has over 700. I have a very long way to go. Anyway, I want to just do a quick...who am I kidding, this written review may take awhile. I wanted to involve my hubby in this review, so after I give you my opinion, I will give Doug's. It should be interesting to see what The Scent Nazi has to say huh? So, get comfy, put your fuzzy socks on, turn off the TV and prepare yourself for a good read. I will even let you make yourself a cup of tea to join you on this visual smell-a-thon.........

Go. Make tea.......

Great, you're back! Let's do this!

Scent Shots:

Mint Tea~ (haven't melted) Very minty. Definitely smell tea, but the mint is way over powering. Peppermint...not crazy about it, and don't find it comforting, but will melt to try. Doug says "EWW...no."

Tropical Cooler~ (melted) LOVE this! Fruity, coconut-y, smells familiar to a icy drink I had on our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. Also smells like tanning lotion. Doug says "Nope"

Juniper Breeze (Free Shot)~ No. Do not like. At all. Doug says "Tolerable". Of course he likes it.

White Ginger~ (haven't melted) Too floral for me. I wanted to like this, really, I did, but it's like Headache City.

Vanilla Sandalwood~ (melted) Really comforting. I was scared that the sandalwood would be strong, and it is, but the vanilla smooths it nicely. Reminds me of incense I burned when I was going through my very own hippy phase. I normally like anything vanilla, but this is so soothing. I used this when I had company over and everyone loved it. Doug says "Eh...ok".

Sea Moss~ (haven't melted) MEN'S DEODORANT. Since I got it a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of. Couldn't get it. It's powdery, dry smelling, fresh, but not in a nice way. Then it hit me. It's the "Will mask sweat well" kind of smell. Don't like it. Doug says "I dig this one. Nice".

Genevieve's Tea Ring~ (melted) I really like this, but...there's a cherry note that my nose does not like. Maybe that's the cherry almond note some have some have mentioned about. Other that that cherry thing, I likey. Doug says "Gross".

Sun & Sand~ (haven't melted) This is AWESOME and reminds me of the Y***** scent of the same name, but better! Smells of salt, sand, hot, breezy and beachy. This will sooo get me in the mood for vacation! Doug says "Too strong, and perfumey".

Tropical Kisses~ (haven't melted) Similar to Tropical Cooler, but heavier on the coconut. There's something else...almost milky...my nose smells a slight chocolate. Weird, but so is my snout. Doug says "Didn't we smell this already?"

Catchin' Fireflies~ (haven't melted) Green. Smells like a meadow...not that I really know what a meadow smells like. Not many meadows around Philly, but it's green and smells like a field. It's not heavily floral, but just enough for my nose. Doug says "Ew, nope"

Bergamot & Mint~ (melted) Very relaxing, and minty. Eskimo Kisses is much better, but this will work similar to that. I may pair this with some VBN. Doug says "Minty ones smell the same...so do the beachy ones"

(At this point, Doug was getting light headed, but said he can go on)

Apple N Oaks~ (haven't melted) Smells like wood, with a slight apple note. Why do Victoria's apple scents and my nose not get along. This was also headache inducing just on cold sniff. Doug says "Smells good. Tolerable"

Edward Cullen~ (melted) Can't say I love it. Way too perfumey and flowery. Doug says "Nope".

Twilight~ (melted) FUNNY...I didn't like Edward, wasn't over the top about Bella, but Twilight...LOVE! That Bella grape note is still there, but whatever Edward is doing to her (which he could do to me any time he wants!) is GOOD! Doug says "I could take Edward. But ick".

 Bite Me~ (haven't melted) Hawaiian Punch. Straight up! Could drink this, but it's that cherry thing again. Don't want my house smelling like it. Not a fan. Doug says "Bleh".

Party In My Cabana~ (melted) Musky, but tropical. This smells manly to me. Like a manly cologne. Doug says "Smells like the other ones. Nope"

Love Shack~ (haven't melted) Girly, fun, sweet. Looking forward to melting this! Doug says "Too sweet. Next"

Jacob Black~ (haven't melted) NOPE. Too earthy and manly...not my kind of man. Doug didn't smell it after my reaction, but laughed so hard, he felt he had to try it. He said "Eh, not bad as the face you made"

Eucalyptus~ (haven't melted) Swap pile...too earthy and sad. I thought I would really like this, but it smells nothing like the decorative branches mom used to have in her house. Doug says "UGHHH"

Lemon Vanilla~ (melted) Really like this! I have Vanilla Pound cake and I do like it, but the lemon is way strong. This is a mellow lemon that I can melt when cleaning. NICE! Doug says "Can't do lemon"


Kimono Silk~ (Melted) OK, I am LOVING this, and not just because I named it. This is sooo good! It's citrus, flowery, and there's a lemonade, strawberry note. I really love this and it's coming in a crystal cupcake candle. Yep, I got one!!! Downer alert-Doug doesn't like it :(

Wait, wait, wait! We're not done yet! How about some candle porn?!?!

In one of my Feb. orders, I got my very first Love, Victoria candles!!! It's scented in Peace and the glitter is Halo Aquamarine. Peace is a wonderfully comforting scent that I will burn/melt all year round. This is currently in my bedroom masking the smell of smoke, and bar gunk. Doug doesn't mind it but can't stand it too long. I love it and look how pretty it is!?

I also got two large glitter tureens. The one below is scented in Creamy Monkey Nuts. It's another scent name I came up with for Chrissy J. It's a combo of Banana Coconut Cream Pie and Caramelized Pralines. Now, my mind is not always in the gutter...I promise. It's the first name that came to mind. The glitter is Aqua and Orange. See the specks of orange? Gorgeous!

The other tureen is Rice Crispy Treats, and I have reviewed it before. It's yummy, powdery, just like the cereal. The glitter is Jeweled Black. Not quite as bright as I had pictured, but lovely just the same.

I also got a 9oz. candle in Peanut Butter &Strawberry Jam. This is, by far, my favorite strawberry to date. The PB isn't strong at all, which I love, and the strawberry is so mellow and sweet. I got two 16oz. candles in Vanilla Maple Pecan and a CAS in Gallery Ice Cream. The Create a Scent is a combo of Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Maple Pecan. The Gallery is a shopping mall here in Philly, and there in the mall is an ice cream shop that, upon entering, all you smell is waffle cone. When I was little, whenever we went to the Gallery, Mom and Dad would take my brother and I to the ice cream shop only if we were behaved while shopping. Of course, good or bad, we got ice cream, and I always got strawberry shortcake ice cream in a waffle cone. SOOO GOOD! This candle smells a lot like it. It makes me hungry! Someone on message board posted Vanilla Maple Pecan to smell like waffle cone...DEAD ON! Sooo yummy!

Well, looky here, you have survived! I hope your time was well spent reading this and I hope you can use this to help add or remove scents from your wish list. Doug will be in scent recovery for awhile until the next batch comes in. Until next time, HAPPY SNIFFING!


  1. Awesome review, but I was cracking up at being burried alive in all your CBV was! You're too cute! Good job and beautiful tureens. I'm still trying to talk myself into getting a Love, Victoria jar.

  2. I love that jeweled black glitter tureen! Plus I was cracking up at your witty dialouge. Great review sweetie! See you in the Pouring Pot!