Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Very Happy "Happy New Year" With Candles By Victoria

This picture of candles is just one part of a trio of orders I placed with a lovely 15% off promotion especially for the New Year! Oh, and that smiley little blond is Miss Amelia, my daughter and my very own partner in crime!

I have been ordering from Victoria and her posse now for about three months. Needless to say, I have more candles now, than I have ever owned! These candles, and this company, are different than any other candle company out there. I have been to candle shops where they sell candles that are sold who knows how long after they were poured. They were great, until I found Candles by Victoria. These candles are poured to order and are crazy fresh! Is it weird that you can smell the freshness? They need to be "cured" which in candle language means that they need to settle. The fragrant oil needs to blend with the wax. Now, I'm not going to get all "Mr. Wizard" with you. Point blank, these candles are 100% legit.

Of all the candles I have tried, I'm favoring the Bakery scents. Cinnabon, Cinnamon Dounuts, Lemon Pound Cake, and Sugared Corn Pudding are just a taste of what I have accumulated. Hungry yet? Who needs to eat the sweets when your house can smell just like them?! I will tell ya, it's curved my appetite! These three orders have let me explore into other scent genres. Names like Lavender Basil, Afternoon Breeze and Day by Day have me whisped into spring meadows with cool breezes in January in Philadelphia. So, that's just a gist. Want my honest thoughts on each? Ok, here goes.

The new size I have tried this time around is Victoria's 8oz. jelly jars.
Lavender Basil is a beautiful purple candle that is floral, but not too heavy. Very kitchen-y. After about a week at hom, it's still mostly smelling of the lavender, but its a beautifully relaxing fragrance.

Afternoon Breeze has a slightly salty, beachy aroma. Its nice, but I have smelled scents similar. I still love it and will hold on to this for Spring.

Lemon Pound Cake is a favorite by fans, but to me it has a Lemon Pledge smell to it. I'm hoping it'll get a little more cake-y with more cure time.

Dulce De Leche is DELICIOUS! Smells of sweet caramel and milk. It also has hints of cinnamon, but a light, creamy spice. YUM!

Fudge Brownie is very true to it's name. Many have stated that it smells of unbaked brownie batter. true dat!

Jelly Donut is a wee bit different than most strawberry scents I have tried thus far. This is a nice fresh strawberry with that fried bakery note. It's awesome!

Apple Pie Ala Mode is just that, but in a jar. Its got the spice from the cinnamon apples, but it also has a creamy vanilla. Oh my, I WANT PIE!

Sweet Snow has a sweet story. When my kids and I were smelling and laughing, my son smelled this and said, "Woah! That's gummy!" I asked what he mean and he said it smelled like the gum his friend gave him last summer and it found it's way to my living room carpet. He said "It's like that gum that got me grounded!" I like this one, but its better in a jar and NOT in my rug!

Vanilla Cedar is AWESOME! If you can't tell, I like vanilla and this is a scent I was reluctant about. I first though, "Vanilla and wood.", but not that I got it in my hands, it's probably one of the greatest vanillas I've had. It has a nice manly woodyness to it that cuts the sweet vanilla.

Day Dreams reminds me of clean laundry. A perfect detergent if you ask me. Me likey!

Baby's Breath smells like a mellow version of Day lie!

Eucalyptus Spearmint is a very refreshing, "gummy" scent (see above). Smells dead on Double Mint Gum. I hope the eucalyptus comes out more when burned.

Bath Time With Pooh is a dupe of one of my favorite soaps. It's slightly more powdery than the original, but just as beautiful. It's sweet, but not bakery sweet. This is gonna be considered a bath fragrance for me

Sexy in Stilettos is stright up gorgeous! The name is gorgeous, the red color is gorgeous and the guessed it, GORGEOUS! Very girly, but grown up girly. Sweet with a little devilish wink. Think, Catholic school girl.

Now, my absolute favorite of the 8oz. *drum roll*
Brown Sugar Shortbread is so close to my favorite Granny's Pie Crust, but with a sweet twist. It's maple-y and warm and just so comfortable...I can't say enough!

Well, HELLO Tureens!

These jars are freakin' amazingly cute! I bet their throw will be just as amazing. The red one is Chocolate Strawberry. Right now, I only get the strawberry. It's a favorite, so I'm sure the chocolate will come through after some cute time. The orange one is Cajun Cornbread. This is sooo yummy I could spoon it! Peachy, salty and delicious. Now, I bet you're wondering what that fat green baby is there in the middle. That is my glittery 22oz. tureen in Halo Lime Green glitter. It's beautiful...and I'm not even into glitter! It's a touch girly, but very practical. Definitely good to use all year round. The scent inside is Pam's The Bubbles Make Me Loopy. Its a Create a Scent combo of Fizzy Pop and Fruit Loops. Right now, its like carbonated lemon soda. Yes, you can even smell the fizzy bubbles. Strange.

SURPRISE! I took the leap and got myself a one of a kind Surprise Candle! You may not be able to see, but there is 6 or 7 layers of color in this bad boy! The idea behind the Surprise Candle is that it's made with the shop's left over wax. That top yellow layer smells sweet and vanilla like. I may be tortured trying to figure out what scents they are. You will help me right??? This is going to be sooo fun to get through!

WOW, this was a long post! I still have more to review, but my sausage fingers are tired. Thank you Victoria, Candleman, Chelsea and everyone else that helps produce this magic made of wax! Happy Sniffing!

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  1. I Loved it and think you did an AMAZING job on your review ! xoxo